An Easy To Care For Alternative To Sheets And Blankets

A cot bed with cot bed duvet is a space saving, economical, safe, fashionable, practical and comfortable alternative to standard beds for guests or children. Cot beds can have advantages over regular beds as they are usually smaller, offering a space saving feature for guests or a small child. Cot beds are ideal for infants as they continue to progress from the need of a bassinette, crib to a toddler bed without having to purchase different beds for different stages in the child’s life. The cot bed can replace a bassinette, crib and toddler bed as the young one grows requiring different sleeping arrangements.  Click here to visit Office Carpets

The cot bed mattress can be adjusted to meet your child’s needs. The mattress can be lowered so the railing is high enough to prevent a small child from climbing out, especially as they learn to stand. They can have drop sides making it easier for the parents to lift the child out. As the child grows the sides of the cot bed can be removed converting the bed into a childbed. Purchasing a washable cot bed duvet cover is an economical alternative to sheets and blankets. It is much easier to upkeep, store and offers an attractive look to the bed.

When looking for a cot bed duvet there are a few things to consider. First, shop around. What are your needs? It this for a child or a guest? Will it match the décor? Will it be comfortable? Will it be economical and easy to care for? The size of the cot bed should also be considered. A cot bed duvet can replace sheets and provide a comfortable and warm bed. The duvet cover can be purchased at various places and if one has sewing skills it is quite easy to construct. Most people prefer natural cotton duvet covers because the fabric breathes and is very comfortable. There are also mixed polyester/ cotton options that can offer comfort along with ease of upkeep because the fabric will resist wrinkling while still maintaining the comfort of cotton.

Your duvet selection should also match the décor. If you look around you should be able to find a duvet that accommodates this. They are available in a multitude of fabric, color and print choices. If the cot bed is for quests only then fabrics that require special care such as linen or silk will look great but require special cleaning may work for you. If the bed is for a child then it is important that all of the bedding be durable and easy to care for. Other considerations are the climate, and softness of the cot. If the cot is firm or the climate is cold a thicker cot bed duvet cover is a good choice. If you reside in a warm climate and/or the mattress is very soft a thin breathable duvet cover may be the best choice for you.

Additional benefits to purchasing a duvet bed cover include price, storage, and care. A cot bed duvet cover will require less storage and laundry needs than sheets and blankets do. The custom fit of a cot bed duvet cover also is an attractive alternate to a bed with sheets and blankets making the cot bed an attractive piece of furniture instead of looking like an unkempt bed.